Reo Gold, Burkina Faso

The Reo Project is of regional scale, covering 1,002km at the confluence of the prolific Houndé and Boromo greenstone belts which are hosts to several substantial gold deposits of including: Karma 3.8Moz, Bissa 6.6Moz, Hounde 4.9Moz and Mana 8.6 Moz (reported inclusive of all P&P reserves and all M,I&I Resources).

The Reo Project, which has had approximately USD$8 million spent on exploration since the mid-2000s by both Newmont Ventures, Newmont’s Exploration Subsidiary and Middle Island Resources, contains two advanced prospects:

The Morley Prospect – Near-surface Reverse Circulation (RC) and Aircore drill intercepts include: KRAC011-aircore: 34m@16.48g/t​, KRAC128-aircore: 39m@2.62g/t, KR020-RC: 38m@2.33g/t, ​KRC022-RC: 10m@7.55g/t, ​MRRC0005-RC: 10m@9.63g/t.

The K4-K5 Prospect – Rotary Air Blast (RAB), Aircore, RC and diamond drill intercepts include: MRRB0076-RAB: 44m@1.48g/t, including 12m@ 4.11g/t, ​MRRB009-RAB: 8m @ 8.20g/t, ​MRRB1611-RAB: 8m @ 4.68g/t, ​MRRB0062- RAB: 12m@4.99g/t, ​NAC037-aircore:- 18m@2.5g/t, ​NAC027-aircore: 18m @ 2.51g/t, ​MRRC0081-RC: 16m @ 1.95g/t, and 13m @ 2.19g/t, MRRC0091-RC: 10m @ 3.47g/t, ​MRRC0047-RC: 13m@2.33g/t, MRDD001-diamond: 3m @ 11.5g/t including 1m @ 23.2g/t ​and MRDD003-diamond: 2m @ 16.8g/t including 1m @ 31.9g/t. ​These mineralised intercepts and all others reported in this press release including those shown in figures are reported as down hole intervals not true widths, which are yet to be determined.