The Company has set out to acquire high potential gold exploration and development
projects at a time when quality is cheap. Gold is an ever appreciating asset class and during periods of market disfavour immediate value can be created through this strategy. The Company’s highly skilled, and historically successful technical team is adept at improving on existing discovery. The July 2018 acquisition of 100% interest in the Reo Project, Burkina Faso, West Africa, will once again provide them an opportunity to efficiently define ounces and begin to build the Company’s inventory.

Burkina Faso has rapidly become the third largest Gold producing nation in Africa having had more than 12 major gold mining projects come into production over the past 5 years, underlain by two of West Africa’s premier greenstone terrains it provides ideal conditions for gold exploration and development with a high probability of success. A mining friendly government regime, highly capable and well educated local workforce all provide for one of the worlds premier exploration and mining jurisdiction.

Tajiri’s broader strategy is to assemble a portfolio of district-scale gold targets for immediate drilling and resource delineation in morning friendly jurisidicions. Our team intends to apply its technical and political expertise to generate gold discovery opportunities across West Africa, and South America.

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